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Casefriend Partners with EDEX Information Systems to Offer
Remote Mailing Services


Software integration automates the time-consuming task of mailing case documents,saving law firms time and money


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.— November 8, 2021 — Legal Facts, LLC, parent company to Casefriend, a leading digital automation system for the legal industry, announced today an all-new partnership with EDEX Information Systems, Inc., (EDEXIS) to provide remote and automated postal mailing services to Casefriend users in the U.S. Available immediately, EDEXIS features found within the Casefriend platform include:

  • Automated mailing: With the ability to upload and send documents via USPS directly from Casefriend, this means no more trips to the mailroom or the post office. The new feature allows users to easily select their document in Casefriend, choose recipients, and select delivery type (First Class Mail, Priority, Certified, etc.). EDEXIS then prints and prepares the mailings in-house — normally the same day — and delivers them securely to the US Postal Service facility. Mail tracking and a legal Proof of Service form are included free with each order. Check printing and self-addressed stamped return envelope options are also available.
  • Track Mail: Located right in the Casefriend Timeline, users can track when mailed documents are uploaded, en-route, and delivered – as well as review all past documents that are archived indefinitely.
  • Automated Expenses: Mailing expenses are automatically added to the billing of the case so costs can be seamlessly recovered, too.

"This new partnership has saved my firm tremendous time and money," says Munir D. Suleiman, Esq., partner at Dabbah, Haddad, and Suleiman and longtime Casefriend user. "What used to be a very time-consuming process – copying documents, typing out proofs of service, preparing envelopes, and managing postage – is now fully automated right within the Casefriend system at the click of a button. By systematizing this process, we can take on more cases with less support staff and recapture the hard costs associated with mailings in a much more efficient manner."

Christopher Floyd, CEO of EDEXIS, adds, "We're excited to have our enterprise mailing services integrated into the Casefriend platform. The management and design teams at Casefriend worked hard to create a seamless flow for their customers, including both in-office and remote attorneys. By helping their customers eliminate mailing bottlenecks and recover their mailing expenses, Casefriend customers will see an immediate increase in efficiency and a decrease in overall mailing costs."

To further reduce attorney overhead, Casefriend is working to integrate additional EDEXIS services, including automated electronic forms for the California Workers’ Compensation court system. "By combining the mailing, filing, and case tracking features of EDEXIS with Casefriend's automated intake features, structured invoicing, Case Timeline, and notification features, you can now truly make anywhere your office," adds Christian Puzder, Legal Facts LLC, CEO. For more information on the Casefriend and EDEXIS integration please visit

About Casefriend

Casefriend is a comprehensive law office system that empowers firms with the modern digital tools and systems needed to establish a remote working model and has been utilized among workers’ compensation defense attorneys in eight states since 2013. Casefriend also provides workers’ compensation defense attorneys a complete case management suite focused on their side of the bar, including remote access of all file documents and information, swift intake on new cases, invoice delivery that better meets client expectations, and now, the elimination of mailroom overhead. For more information or to schedule a demo visit

About EDEX Information Systems, Inc.

Established in 1995, EDEX Information Systems (EDEXIS) is the largest provider of California workers’ compensation adjudicated court data, case tracking, electronic document filing, and legal document mailing services. The EDEXIS suite of services is used by government entities, and tens of thousands of professionals in the legal, medical, insurance, and claims administration fields nationwide. EDEXIS has tracked over $50 billion in receivables and mailed more than 25 million document pages for its customers. Their service integrity, attention to detail, and unique patented mailing processes continue to set them apart from other providers of similar services. For more information visit

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