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Repeating common tasks with manual effort reduces productivity. In a law office environment, that reduced productivity creates unnecessary overhead, increasing costs and anxiety for lawyers and their support team.

Casefriend is a comprehensive law office system that empowers firms with the tools needed to reduce unnecessary overhead. By eliminating hard copies and automating common tasks productivity and profitability are increased. Whether your firm is a workers’ compensation firm, a corporate legal department or a general private practice, Casefriend will increase the productivity of your administrative staff, paralegals and legal secretaries by automating the mundane repetitive tasks that create unnecessary expenses.

By electronically automating these processes, Casefriend gives attorneys the freedom to create and deliver high quality work from anywhere while enabling managing partners to supervise the process.

The Casefriend Client Portal provides a level of transparency which increases your client engagement without increasing clients' costs.

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REDUCE the COST and TIME spent intaking new files and mail with Casefriend Automated Intake and Mail Intake



Casefriend integrates with Office 365 and GSuite. We are always adding integrations with third party providers.

Easily connects to your Office 365 account.

Click to add emails from your Inbox, and use the Outlook Add-in to push emails into Casefriend.

Stay up-to-day by adding future appearance to your calendar.

Easily create LEDES and invoice formats.

Seamless integration with GSuite from Casefriend.

Easily import your copy transactions into Casefriend.

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    "Casefriend has radically impacted our business.  We can manage files, staff and productivity in one beautiful interface. Casefriend is the single most effective product we have ever implemented in our practice"

    Munir Suleiman

    Partner, Dabbah Haddad Suleiman

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    "Casefriend's Automated Intake allows us to swiftly intake a new file, so our attorneys can start working on cases sooner. This is a capability that we simply did not have before or with other work comp software."

    Randall Schwartz

    Partner, Schwartz & Chauhan

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    "Casefriend helps us easily track our firm’s progress and successes to provide vital file handling statistics to our clients at the click of a button."

    Susan Polk

    Managing Attorney Gilson Daub

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