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A lawyer's best friend: the automated paralegal.
Be more productive while saving time and money for your clients.


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Repeating common tasks with manual effort reduces productivity. In a law office environment, that reduced productivity creates unnecessary overhead, increasing costs and anxiety for lawyers and their support team.

Casefriend is a comprehensive law office system that empowers firms with the tools needed to reduce unnecessary overhead. By eliminating hard copies and automating common tasks productivity and profitability are increased. Whether your firm is a workers’ compensation firm, a corporate legal department or a general private practice, Casefriend will increase the productivity of your administrative staff, paralegals and legal secretaries by automating the mundane repetitive tasks that create unnecessary expenses.

By electronically automating these processes, Casefriend gives attorneys the freedom to create and deliver high quality work from anywhere while enabling managing partners to supervise the process.

The Casefriend Client Portal provides a level of transparency which increases your client engagement without increasing clients' costs.

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The Casefriend System


Automated Intake

Intake new files faster at a fraction of the cost, only with Casefriend Automated Intake.


Case Timeline

Simplified matter management, time entry, invoicing, reporting and office management.


Shared Experience

Enhance client relationships with powerful reporting and case status tools.

The Peloton

In the sport of cycling, the peloton is the main group of riders in a race. By riding close together, drag is reduced for all riders in the peloton. Stated another way, riders in a peloton do more than just pedal to go fast. They use a system of aggressive cooperation to eliminate the biggest barrier to efficient speed: wind resistance. By using the peloton system all riders move faster with less effort.

The philosophy of the peloton is the heart of the Casefriend System: empower law offices to achieve more with less effort by removing the barriers to efficiency.

This is also the Casefriend team philosophy - we work closely with our customers so we all move swiftly. The Casefriend team is here when you need us. We will never charge extra for support calls, training, or data migration. Our goal is to reduce the efforts of your law office so you can be more productive, more profitable and so, together, we can grow your business.

Our Team


Christian is our CEO. Christian graduated from Pepperdine University School of law in 2002 and spent 6 years in civil litigation. While practicing law at The Stolar Partnership in St. Louis, Missouri, Christian explored and developed many ways to increase productivity and client service by manipulating technology. Christian then moved into the legal tech industry in 2008. Over the past decade Christian's passion for legal tech has helped lawyers and legal professionals across the country realize greater efficiencies. Christian lives with his wife and four(!) children in Mesa, Arizona.


Jon is our Product Owner. Jon has extensive experience with Casefriend from both a user and manager perspective. Prior to joining the Casefriend team, Jon was the office manager at a large Workers' Compensation firm in California. In his role, Jon enforced a zero-paper policy by using Casefriend which resulted in exponential productivity for his firm. It is a coup for us to bring that experience and knowledge to all law firms, especially Workers' Compensation firms in California. Jon lives with his wife and three children in San Clemente, California.

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