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Law offices are reliant on managing paper from their office. This is inefficient, costly and risky.​ On top of current Covid-19 mandates, Work Comp firms face strict billing guidelines and downward tranding rates. Managing your work comp practice can be a financial challenge.​ Despite advances in legal tech, firms continue to struggle to deliver results in an efficient, cost effective way...until now.  Want to learn how this is possible?

Automated Intake without page separators

If you are using page separators for bulk document intake, you are not paperless and you ARE not efficient

Casefriend Automated Intake for new files and snail mail is "the automatic categorization of documents into a proprietary legal taxonomy..."

In regular words, that means that your staff can deliver to you snail mail or file referrals faster and at a lower cost than using traditional file intake methods without page separators and with minimal manual intervention.

Simply scan your daily mail into a single PDF wihtout page separators, or add your file referral. Casefriend will help name and organize the documents as Medicals, Depositions, Subpoenas, Pleadings, New Mail, in a fraction of the time

Armed with a scanner, your staff can do this from home and your attorneys can access these docuements from anywhere, at any time.

Traditional Intake

1,200 page new file​
8 hours to organize for attorneys


1,200 page new file​
2.5 hours to organize for attorneys

Using Automated intake you can intake more files faster and at a lower overall cost. Better still, you can scan & shred, making your office truly paperless.

Total Matter Management


Casefriend was built by and for workers compensation defense attorneys. Our integrated key features make managing your case easier, so you can close cases faster

  • Manage multiple claim numbers per file (ADJ numbers in California)
  • Customizable Case Milestones - ensure you stay up to date​
  • Plan of Action & Client Portal -  keeps your clients informed of the case progress​
  • Casefriend Billing Guidelines –Automated billing snippets ensure your time entires match client expectations, so that you can capture a higher percentage of your bill​
  • Integrated invoicing  - allows you to invoice on schedule or on-demand with a click​
  • Liens – manage all liens following the case-in-chief

INTAKE NEW FILES IN LESS TIME with fewer resources

Casefriend Automated Intake accelerates the file intake process, reducing costs and freeing up firm resources for higher value tasks.

Swiftly organize documents

Reduce the time spent managing documents, setting reminders, communicating with clients, colleagues and opposing counsel. New documents are immediately available for attorney and staff review.


Tracking time is essential for defense attorneys. Casefriend’s integrated time entry & invoicing feature make it easy to create time entries you know your client will accept.

Avoid the end-of-the-month invoice rush. Use Casefriend to continually invoice on your client’s preferred schedule.




Use Casefriend to manage Liens after resolving the Case-in-chief. Track bills, OMFS, and negotiations.

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