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Casefriend Modernizes Law Office Operations with Innovative New AI Powered Casefriend Automated Intake


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August 29, 2019 - San Juan Capistrano, CA

Today, Legal Facts, LLC, parent company of Casefriend, a leading digital automation system for the legal industry, announces the launch of Casefriend Automated Intake for the automation and digitalization of file intake, allowing law firms to begin working a file sooner at a lower cost to clients. Casefriend Automated Intake is currently available for workers' compensation attorneys and will be accessible for more practice areas within the coming months.

"File intake is a complicated, expensive process that can really slow down the defense of any claim," said Brent Daub, managing partner and founder of Gilson Daub, a workers' compensation firm with headquarters in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. "We have been using Casefriend for years to operate more efficiently. With the addition of Automated Intake, our attorneys will be able to begin working on new files sooner, bring those cases to resolution faster, and at a lower cost," said Daub.

Christian Puzder, Legal Facts/Casefriend CEO added, "Extracting documents from a file is time consuming and filled with manual and repetitive tasks. This new feature is time efficient and will help to significantly reduce the costs associated with file intake. We are proud to continue to put forth systematic programs that offer more productivity and profitability for our customers."

Casefriend Automated Intake is the result of a partnership between Legal Facts and Foundation AI, a Los Angeles-based AI company that specializes in building artificial intelligence to drive real business value. The program leverages Foundation Extract, a powerful tool that intelligently processes legal documents.

"Casefriend is an integral partner and presents an exciting new platform for our company," said Vivek Rao, CEO of Foundation AI. "At Foundation AI, we build AI technology to automate manual tasks so that knowledge workers like doctors and lawyers can focus on doing what they are trained to do. The practice of law is document intensive. Those documents have historically been paper, but by moving things to digital, we can use technology to really streamline operations and drive operational efficiencies. By incorporating Foundation Extract, Casefriend will provide clients with cutting-edge technology that will drive immediate ROI."

About Casefriend

Casefriend is a comprehensive digital automation system for the legal industry that empowers attorneys with the tools needed to be more efficient and effective, while also reducing the costs of technology for law offices. By eliminating hard copies and automating common tasks productivity and profitability are increased. Casefriend has been utilized among workers' compensation attorneys in five states since 2013 and has been serving civil litigation practices since 2018. In 2018 its parent company Legal Facts, LLC, brought on Puzder as CEO. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit

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