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Casefriend adds The Law Office Jasmeen Adhi Ubhi as its newest
Casefriend also rolls out new “Quick Step Exhibits” feature, helping users seamlessly create custom exhibit lists

Legal software company also rolls out new “Quick Step Exhibits” feature, helping users seamlessly create custom exhibit lists

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.— September 9, 2020 — Today, Legal Facts, LLC, parent company of Casefriend, a leading digital automation system for the legal industry, announced its newest partnership with the Law Office of Jasmeen Ahdi Ubhi for the use of Casefriend’s cloud-based law firm management and automation platform. The partnership announcement also comes alongside the company’s all new offering to help increase law firm efficiency- Quick Step Exhibits.

“At my firm I’ve been utilizing a hybrid of paper and electronic case documents but recently have decided to move to a fully paperless, automated model and Casefriend is exactly what I need to make that happen,” said Jasmeen Ahdi Ubhi, owner of the Law Office of Jasmeen Ahdi Ubhi. “As a solo practitioner, having access to the Casefriend’s streamlined invoicing processes, along with all other electronic capabilities is really going to help minimize time spent on administrative tasks and allow me to focus more on high value work for my clients. Beyond this, Casefriend’s newest feature – Quick Step Exhibits – and its ability to simultaneously create custom exhibit lists is going to be a huge time saver for my practice,” added Mrs. Ubhi. 
In her 10+ year career, Mrs. Ubhi has defended numerous workers’ compensation claims. Her needs to introduce a paperless system while finding something that would ensure the utmost efficiency and best results for her clientele were what ultimately led her to partner with Casefriend.

 “When Mrs. Ubhi explained the needs of her small but mighty firm, I knew that we could help,” said Christian Puzder, Legal Facts LLC, CEO. “Casefriend is truly paperless. Like our current customers, Mrs. Ubhi is empowered by Automated Intake – which uses cutting-edge proprietary technology to swiftly extract and categorize individual case documents from a client’s single PDF. Organizing a new case file is critical, but can take many hours, especially for a solo practitioner or small firm. Automated Intake shoulders that burden, saving Mrs. Ubhi many hours. Casefriend’s billing guidelines and one-click invoicing also allows our users to save many hours every month on administrative tasks. And now, with the new Quick Step Exhibits feature, Mrs. Ubhi can create exhibit lists and download all exhibit documents in one easy step. This too will be extremely beneficial for her practice,” concluded Puzder.

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Casefriend is a comprehensive law office system that empowers firms with all the modern digital tools and systems needed to establish a remote working model. By eliminating hard copies and automating all tasks, productivity is increased. Casefriend has been utilized among workers’ compensation attorneys in five states since 2013 and has been serving civil litigation practices since 2018. Casefriend provides workers’ compensation attorneys with the freedom to deliver high caliber work from anywhere while giving managing partners the ability to review and supervise the process with its seamless remote capabilities. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit

About The Law Office of Jasmeen Ahdi Ubhi
Jasmeen Ahdi Ubhi has been defending insurers and employers workers compensation claims for more than 10 years

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