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Legal Facts, LLC, announces the release of its newest time-saving feture "Quick Step Exhibits" available now in its Casefriend case management suite

Quickly Create Exhibit Lists and easily Download all Exhibit Documents 

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif.— September 9, 2020 — Today, Legal Facts, LLC, parent company of Casefriend, a leading digital automation system for the legal industry, announces the availability of its Quick Step Exhibits feature which provides attorneys and staff the ability to create exhibits lists and download exhibit documents with one click.

"Until now, creating exhibit lists has been a tedious and time consuming process," stated Christian Puzder, CEO, Legal Facts, LLC. "Even with Word, the internet and a top end laptop, the effort to gather all exhibits and manually create a list has always been too costly. Furthermore, the time spent to create an exhibit list has never been easily recoverable. For large firms this creates more tasks for your staff, and for smaller firms, or solo practioners, it means spending time doing something that you cannot bill for. This is a problem Casefriend was ready to solve," Puzder concluded.

Quick Step Exhibits
Casefriend is a cloud-based legal management suite that allows its users to store relevant case documents in the cloud so they are available from anywhere - your home, coffee shop or in court. Caefriend is known for its innovative and proprietary Automated Intake feature, which allows firms to swiftly categorize and digitally store new case files and incoming mail without page separators. Quick Step Exhibits is the newest time-saving automation feture added to the Casefriend feature set.

Simply select the documents you want included in your exhibit list and select your exhibit template - its as easy as that.

Casefriend takes care of the rest, including the automatic download of exhibit documents. Now, a task that could take an hour or more can be completed in moments, only with Casefriend.


The Casefriend Mission
"Our mission at casefriend is to empower attorneys with innovative technology to eliminate time-consuming, mundane, repetitive tasks." Puzder stated. "We saw that even with a computer, word processing software and other modern technology attorneys and staff were still losing out on valuable billable hours. Whether its intaking new files, categorizing medicals, enforcing billing guidelines, creating invoices or, now,  creating exhibit lists, Casefriend finds ways to save time and money," said Puzder.

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About Casefriend
Casefriend is a comprehensive law office system that empowers firms with all the modern digital tools and systems needed to establish a remote working model. By eliminating hard copies and automating all tasks, productivity is increased. Casefriend has been utilized among workers’ compensation attorneys in five states since 2013 and has been serving civil litigation practices since 2018. Casefriend provides workers’ compensation attorneys with the freedom to deliver high caliber work from anywhere while giving managing partners the ability to review and supervise the process with its seamless remote capabilities. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit

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